Personalized Moving Services In LA

Our personalized moving services in LA allow you to experience a comfortable stay in your home on moving day. We manage every aspect of your move for you to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience. We’ll have your bed made and ready, your toothbrush in its holder, and everything needed for you to have your first cup of coffee in the morning! What could be better than that?

Moving usually comes with a long to-do list before the actual moving day even arrives. When you’re busy tackling a long list, it’s easy to overlook some of the necessary steps required for a successful move. Our team of professionals can guide you through the process from start to finish and assist with pre-move, moving day, and post-move tasks to ensure that nothing is overlooked. We can streamline packing and unpacking, manage donations for unwanted items, transport artwork, transport pets, manage moving and cleaning crews, coordinate repairs, stage furniture and decor, and create storage systems in your new space. Our goal is to minimize moving stress as much as possible for you. With our help, you’ll have more time to enjoy your new home and focus on making memories in it.

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Moving day

Oversee Packing & Unpacking

One thing you never want to do is move items you no longer need or want. LA Move Consultants will help you streamline your belongings so you only take the stuff you love. We will help you pack these belongings in a neat and organized way to make unpacking even easier. We also provide a detailed inventory should you need one.

Once at your new location, we will work with the movers to ensure all items are safely put where they belong.


What’s old is new again when you donate it to someone in need. We will help manage your donations to the charity of your choice, and schedule pick-ups and even drop them off for you.

Manage Movers

LA Move Consultants works with local moving companies and will help you chose which one is right for you. Scheduling estimates and communicating on your behalf is only part of what we do. We work directly with the movers on move day so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Artwork Transport

LA Move Consultants will be sure your artwork is handled with kid gloves, keeping your investments safe.

Arrange Storage

Whether short or long term, we will arrange for your items to be moved to and from the storage facility of your choice. At LAMC, we always pay attention to detail. If you need to move into storage, we will provide an itemized inventory of each box so you can get that one item you need, when you need it.

Pet Moving

Moving with pets can be stressful for the animal. We take special care in making sure any and all of your pet needs are taken care of. From airline info to pet licenses, we can help with it all.

Manage Cleaning Crew

Need to clean your house before you move in, or after you move out? LA Move Consultants works with professional cleaning companies that specialize in moving and post construction clean-up.

Stage Property

Are you getting ready to sell your home? LA Move Consultants will help you get rid of the clutter and help stage your home so it sells faster and for more money.

Additional Moving Services

Coordinate Repairs – Removal of Hazardous Materials and e-Waste – Transfer Household Services – Change of Address