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Thank you again for your help in planning our move from our large home to our much smaller condo one year ago. We love it here, and your help in making the move was invaluable.

Gloria S.

Andrea was a dream to work with. Her helpful and easy to follow directions/tips made cleaning and organizing our pantry so easy. The suggestion to place similar foods in baskets for easy collection and access was especially helpful for our family of four.

Lisa B.

Andrea with LA Move Consultants is an absolute dream! You get more than your money’s worth with her services. Andrea seamlessly coordinated my husband and my move in San Francisco. She helped even prior to the move through multiple FaceTime and phone calls. From the moment she arrived in San Francisco, she was on top of it all, from packing up the old place to unpacking and reorganizing the new place. I have referred her to several friends in the Bay Area who have all had the same amazing results. We cannot wait to work with Andrea again for our next move in the coming years! It is because of Andrea our new house feels like our home.

Nicole S.
San Francisco, CA

Andrea and her team at LA Move Consultants was the best solution to my moving and organizing needs. I recently moved and needed help unpacking and organizing all the boxes from my move. I was feeling very overwhelmed, and contacted Andrea to help. While I was away on travel, she and her team worked in my home to unpack all boxes, books, organize bedroom, living room, kitchen, and storage closets. The entire job was completed in two days — and I didn’t even have to be present for it all to be done! When I returned from my trip, my entire home was unpacked and organized — including kitchen drawers lined and neatly sorted, bedroom closet neatly put away, and all cardboard boxes and packing material moved to the garbage dumpster. She even coordinated with local staff to repair a shelf inside my closet that was broken and unable to hold weight. This was a herculean effort that she completed in 2 days. She treated all my belongings with kindness and care, and she listened to me and treated me personally with dignity and respect.

Traveler T.
Los Angeles, CA

My closet is wonderful, and our lives are settling down in large part due to your strategizing, vision and very hard work.
We are forever grateful.

Tom W.
Westwood, CA

Andrea is absolutely fantastic and has a photographic memory. She moved us from a large home in Brentwood into a temporary condo while we look for a new home. Andrea labeled every item in our home for delivery to the condo, staying for the new buyers or storage (over 125 boxes). She packed and unpacked everything. She even ordered us new carpeting, a new refrigerator and lined every drawer for the condo. She greatly reduced our stress. Within two days the job was done and we were unpacked and comfortable. I will definitely call on Andrea in a month or two after we buy a new home. I wouldn’t think of moving without her.

Leslie V.
Los Angeles, CA

I was eight months pregnant when we had to both stage and pack up our current home and move into the new one. Andrea did an amazing job with both. She was so organized, packed all the excess clutter, and bought amazing decorations that really helped sell our condo. I was so impressed with her work that I hired her to help me unpack and organize at my new home. She helped set up the kitchen, closet, bathrooms, bedrooms – her work was incredible! I seriously couldn’t have moved without her.

Moving is such a pain, Andrea made it fun. She is so organized that she inspired me to so the same, and I am striving to keep my new home as beautiful as she made it when she helped me those first days. I felt like I was unpacking with a best girlfriend. Andrea is wonderful!!

Anna S.
Redondo Beach, CA

Between working full time and juggling kids, I didn’t have time to pack, move and unpack my apartment. A friend told me about LA Move Consultants and they were great. They did everything. They met with the movers on a Wednesday in March and by Friday, Andrea and her team had packed, moved and unpacked. I can’t believe how quickly they got a 3 bedroom apartment set up. Every box was gone; they even organized my kid’s things, it was awesome. LA Move Consultants provides a great service to anyone that is moving and their rates are extremely fair. I even booked them to move my office!

Jordan K.
Beverly Hills, CA

I had over 5000 sq. ft of office space that I needed to move and they made everything so easy . I was able to focus on work and family while they took care of the move. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking to move home or office.

Walker O.
Los Angeles, CA