We plan and customize how we approach each transition. Our goal is to help seniors who are moving or downsizing feel at home in their new space.

Senior & Specialty Move Managers

Moving is difficult at any stage of life, but the transition can be particularly difficult for moving seniors. The mental demands of planning, organizing and executing a move can be challenging enough – but when combined with the physical demands of packing, loading and actually moving to a new home, the task can become overwhelming. Many seniors rely on family and friends to help them move, but then find themselves needing more assistance than they originally anticipated.

This problem isn’t new, but many seniors and their families don’t know what steps to take when preparing for the move. This need was identified and addressed over 20 years ago by a group of individuals in Virginia who would travel around the local area to help senior citizens move. They called themselves “Senior Move Managers.”

The National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) was subsequently formed in 2002 with the intent of expanding services through information and training. Not only does NASMM help seniors find moving specialists, but they also train and qualify each specialist to ensure every move is handled properly.

National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers

Where to Begin?

This is often the most difficult question to answer when it comes to moving. For seniors, the answer can be as simple as scheduling a consultation with a Senior Move Manager to begin the moving process. We know that every move is different, which is why we plan and customize how we approach each transition based on the needs of our clients.

Our goal is to go far beyond getting all of your belongings to a new home. Clear communication throughout the entire moving process is essentials for seniors to feel comfortable and at ease with the transition. We work together with our clients and their families to ensure that they are always informed about what needs to be done and when to make the move go smoothly.

Moving within Los Angeles?

Our team of Move Managers is located in Los Angeles and serves seniors across Southern California. Call us today to schedule a consultation to determine how we can help you make your next transition a great one. Learn more about downsizing for seniors.