Furniture and Art Placement Services

Getting all of your belongings packed and out of the home you’re moving from is only half the battle. Once in your new residence, you need to get unpacked and settled. While you may have already figured out which items go in which rooms of the new house, furniture and art placement is often an afterthought during the moving process. But there is still important work to be done. We are passionate about providing thoughtful, efficient furniture and art placement services for your new home.

Proper furniture placement serves many purposes, and can really shape how the room feels, as well as how it functions. Dividing a room in half with furniture can make one area feel like two – while placing furniture around the perimeter of the room can make it seem bigger and have a better flow.

Where you place your artwork matters too. Our team can work with your collection to arrange your pieces to be the focus of a room, or complement the décor of another. We always work with professional art installers to provide the best care and service possible when working with personal collections.

Working with large pieces

Our moving consultants will work directly with you on move-in day to get your new home set up as quickly as possible. Large furniture and pieces of art will get special attention when it comes to placement, as other smaller pieces may be situated around these items.

While most of the art we deal with is hung on walls, we also handle sculptures and other unique pieces. We will work closely with you every step of the way during the placement process to make sure that everything looks just right.

The things you don’t need to see

Many items in your new house won’t need to be on display. LA Move Consultants also offers organization services with the same dedication to detail that we give to large art pieces. Start your new home off right with organization and storage ideas from our experienced consultants.