Home Packing / Unpacking Management

When preparing for a move, packing too soon, or not soon enough can become a real headache. If you are planning on packing yourself, we can help to make the home packing process shorter, smoother, and less stressful. Packing too soon will leave you without the household items you need for daily activities. Packing too late often results in sloppy packing, broken items, and a longer unpacking process once you arrive in the new location. It’s important to plan out and schedule your home packing before a move.

Starting with an inventory of possessions can help you visualize what is actually in the house. During this process, you will identify items that you wish to move to your new residence, as well as items to sort & eliminate before moving. With a clear list of items, you can start to determine what can be packed, and when, prior to your move.

In most cases, our team would suggest packing typical storage items first (garage / out of season items, etc), starting the process approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to moving day. Most of these items aren’t being used regularly, and will be in areas that you need to temporarily store other items as we get deeper into the packing process.

One month before your move

With less than a month before your move, it’s time to start packing non-essential items in your home. During this process, secure packing materials for your belongings will be needed, as well as a place to put all items that have been packed and labeled. These non-essential items can include:

  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Decorations
  • Some Kitchenware
  • Hobby Items

With about two weeks before your move, items such as jewelry, office supplies, linen closets, and miscellaneous items should start to find a box for the move. Using that same inventory list that you started with will help you group items together so that they are easy to find and unpack at the new house.

The final week

The last week before your move should go smoothly if you have scheduled your packing leading up to this point. Electronics, bedroom items, personal items and furniture can get packed and prepped for the move. We typically plan moves to start early in the day, so you should be fully packed the night prior to moving.

Our team can help you with this entire process, overseeing the packing and unpacking process from start to finish. From taking inventory to scheduling, labeling and making sure that you are set up for the first night in your new home, our team has the resources and experience needed to make your entire moving experience as painless and stress free as possible.