Home Organization Consulting Services

It’s okay to have a lot of stuff. There are some things that you need at your fingertips, and other items you may only use for special occasions. Inconveniently storing things that you don’t use regularly isn’t a great solution, and leaving unused items out creates unsightly clutter. Home organization can seem like an overwhelming task, but once completed, you will feel more productive and relaxed knowing where all of your belongings are, and that they look neat and tidy.

LA Move Consultants has been helping clients organize kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, laundry & playrooms in the Los Angeles area for years. When planning to organize a client’s home, we always consider available storage space, but we put the most emphasis on convenience for the homeowners. This isn’t just about cleaning up, it’s also about functionality.

Our first step is to learn how each room in the home is used and which belongings need to be there. With that information, we can develop an organization system that makes sense for everyone involved, and one that is easily sustainable for years to come.

The right storage solutions

From kitchen utensils to office paperwork, there are items in all parts of the house that need to be organized and accessible. Our company is familiar with the newest home storage products on the market, and can help recommend solutions that make sense. We can also handle the purchase of these products for our clients, without an upcharge for this convenient service.

Once the right home organization system and supplies are in place, we work on labeling alphabetizing and / or color coding. Every project is different, so we create a custom solution based on your personal needs.

Everything at your fingertips

Despite our best efforts, we know how easy it is to get unorganized again. That’s why we always tell our clients that if the organization system isn’t fully customized, then it won’t be maintained. We set up everyone with a solution that is easy to use and fits within the workflow of each room. This sets up your strategy for success for years to come.

Starting from scratch? If you are planning on moving into a new home, we provide full moving consulting services in the Los Angeles area, giving you an organized home right from the start!