Moving and Packing Last Minute Items

In a perfect world, everything would be packed and ready for the moving truck hours before the crew arrives to bring your belongings to your new home. While our team of moving consultants will make your next move the easiest, least stressful move of your life, there are still likely to be last minute details that need to be taken care of during the process. We plan for everything, including packing last-minute items and unexpected situations that often come up during any move.

By preparing as much as we can in advance of moving day, all of your non-essential items will already be packed away and ready for the movers – but there are always a variety of things that you will need up until it’s time to lock the doors. Clothing, cleaning products, toiletries and other personal belongings will need to be set aside, and moved last from your residence. But there’s more.

This all sounds simple, but in most cases, the list of last minute essentials adds up. We prepare for clients to have a small group of things in each room of the house that will need to be accounted for before the move. A box or two in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and storage areas are typically needed to complete the packing process.

These are the most important items

A well-planned move doesn’t end with the truck being packed and sent on its way to your new address. We make sure that you’re set up to be comfortable in your new home as quickly as possible, including preparing for the first 24 to 48 hours of the unpacking process. Because of this, packing last minute boxes will be a huge help. These last minute boxes that we packed will likely also contain some of the first items you will need at your new home.

We can move the bedroom box back into your new bedroom – bathroom box into the new bathroom etc. Having these essentials in place will make the rest of the unpacking process much easier, and allow you to rest easy the first night in your new home.

We don’t stop there

When moving, many of our clients are so impressed by our planning and organization that they also hire us for our professional home organizing services in and around Los Angeles as well. When moving into a new home, you have a fresh slate to organize your belongings in a way that is convenient and makes sense for you. Contact us today to learn more about our moving and organization services for your upcoming move!