How to Donate Unwanted Items in Your House Before a Move With Ease

If not everything in your current home is going to make the journey to the your new residence, you may consider donating items in your community. Many people planning to move have the intentions to give away items to charitable organizations, but fall short of being able to donate due to the time crunch experienced in the moving process.

Researching and planning donation pickups and drop offs with multiple organizations is time consuming, and often not the most important task during the moving process – and likely gets overlooked because of that reason.

LA Move Consultants can help you find the best fit to donate unwanted items before a move. Once we identify organizations that accept donations in line with what you are looking to get rid of before moving, we will help schedule pickups and drop-offs to complete the process, as well as provide receipts for tax purposes.

What can you donate?

There isn’t much that you can’t donate. If you have unwanted items that are in good condition, we can likely find an organization that would appreciate the donation. Some of the most popular donation items are electronics, furnishings (couches, chairs, tables, etc.) and clothing. Charities helping the homeless, sick, and less fortunate can repurpose these items to benefit local communities thanks to your generosity.

We can help you with every step of this process, with clear information on exactly where your belongings will be donated before you move. Donating unwanted items will allow the rest of the moving process to go smoothly with less to move that is no longer needed.

What can’t you donate?

There’s likely to be some items that are either in less than ideal condition, or simply not the type of item that could be donated. These items may require pick up by recycling or trash services. Whatever the situation, we can help you with the pre-move sorting and eliminating process, including donating, selling and recycling items.

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