Real Estate Property Staging Services for Home Selling

Do you want to sell your house for more money, fast? We have a secret for you. Real estate property staging can help you sell your current home at a higher price, and often times quicker than expected. Stats show that staged properties command 17% more than non-staged homes! This is because only a small percentage of potential home buyers can envision what an empty house will look like when they move in, or perhaps can’t see past the clutter of a home that hasn’t utilized our services.

Our real estate property staging services are typically used by homeowners with high-value homes, but we provide solutions for all sized projects. You may be familiar with condos or apartment buildings who often use services to stage one or two units as examples to show potential buyers or renters in the Los Angeles area. The same can be done with your home.

Where we start

In most cases, our team doesn’t start by moving more things into your house, but instead by decluttering what is already there. Often, we are able to use existing items as part of the staging project, and in others we will store unused items in an area where potential buyers won’t notice. Once decluttered, we can complete the job with tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, wall art & more – everything that you would expect to look enticing to a potential home buyer.

Not every market is treated equally. If you know that you have an open house with a specific type of buyer or group interested in the property, we can help to create a look and feel that will suit their style. Selling to families? We can stage a playroom or a nursery, for example.

If the project is too large for us to handle directly, we can recommend and oversee third party real estate staging companies for more involved projects.

Working together

LA Move Consultants often work with homeowners, providing home moving consulting services for recent buyers and sellers in the Los Angeles area. Not only can we assist with selling your current home, but we provide full service moving consulting as well. Reach out today to see how we can work together.