How To Sort & Eliminate Items Before Moving

One of the best parts about moving into a new home is sorting through everything you own and purging the things you no longer use or need. What you might not realize, is that even the things you are getting rid of should be eliminated in an organized manner. This can be overwhelming, when you still have to worry about all of the items that you do want to keep through the move, but it is an important part of the moving process.

Many of the things that won’t be making the move, need to be discarded in the proper way. Just as with organizing the rest of your belongings, the items you want to get rid of should be put into their proper groupings, and taken care of accordingly. Let’s get started…

Our process

First, the most difficult part of the sorting and eliminating process, is simply deciding what should stay and what should go. No organization needed. Just decide which things you don’t want, won’t fit, or can’t bring to your new home. You can put colored tags on items that need to be discarded, or collect them all into one area of your current house. Any way to identify the items that don’t make the cut will get the job done.

Next, our team will then help you organize the items into categories:

  • Items to Sell
  • Items to Donate
  • Items to Recycle

For some moves, there are additional categories that we create to fit the specific needs of our clients. Using these categories, we can then decide where to sell, donate and recycle items accordingly.

The rest of the job

Sorting through, and getting rid of the things you no longer want before moving, is just step one in a big endeavor. Hiring a professional moving consultant to help with organizing from start to finish can help make the moving process as stress free as possible. Have questions? Get started with a phone call today.