Assistance Hiring Home Movers

Not all moving companies are created equal. Some moving companies focus on speed and volume, while others are more focused on quality and convenience. While all movers should be careful with your belongings, some are better known for their attention to detail than others. This is why it can be helpful to seek assistance hiring home movers.

It’s extremely important to do thorough research on home moving companies before deciding who to hire. Most of their websites will claim that they can move to and from any type of property, so finding customer reviews and testimonials can be very helpful in the research process. This can become a lot of work, as there are hundreds of moving companies to choose from in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Finding the hours to research local moving companies to find the perfect fit for you can be difficult.  LA Move Consultants 
has already done the research for you, and has experience working with a variety of different movers. Each company that we use comes with a personalized recommendation based on the needs of our client to ensure that the moving process goes smoothly.


You should book your moving company as soon as possible.  Some companies get booked up early, especially when it comes to the 1st of the month. If you have a date to move, then there is no reason why you should wait to book. Booking in advance gives you the peace of mind that one of the biggest, most important details in the moving process, is taken care of.

If you don’t yet have a set moving date, then we would recommend waiting to book until you do. Going through the process to cancel and re-book when busy with the other moving details is an unnecessary hassle.


There may be some items that you don’t want the moving company to handle, which is something that we can accommodate as well.  Any prized possessions will be dealt with separately from the main moving vehicles and given extra care. These details, and all of the others can be carefully planned for you by the home moving experts at LA Move Consultants.