Planning for Stress-free Summer Fun

May 31, 2024

Planning for stress-free summer fun

I can’t believe it’s summer already! We can officially start wearing white jeans again! Around this time last year, I was getting ready to go on the trip of a lifetime to the Arctic. While I may not be packing my bags for a grand adventure this year, I am still planning to make time for some stress-free summer fun right here in Los Angeles. 

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t stress the importance of self-care enough. It’s something that I have to remind myself each month when my schedule begins to fill up fast. Self-care refreshes your mindset and empowers you to be the best version of yourself. Don’t forget to save some time for doing the things that you enjoy, as you finalize your plans for the summer!

If you want to make your time off even more enjoyable, I recommend planning ahead as much as possible. It may not be as obvious, but getting organized is a form of self-care, too. For example, making an effort to pack in advance or plan an itinerary will spare you the frustration of forgetting items and wasting time on your days off. Most importantly, it allows you to live in the moment and enjoy stress-free time for self-care. 

Personally, a simple lazy day at the beach is one of my favorite ways to unwind. I like to get organized by packing a bag full of beach day essentials right at the start of summer. By doing so, my beach bag is ready to grab and go if I have an unexpected day off. This also means that I don’t have to spend all morning hunting for sunscreen when I make plans to go somewhere. These are some of the essentials that I keep in my beach bag:

Planning for stress-free summer fun - sunscreen

Supergoop Sunscreen: This SPF 40 sunscreen is lightweight, invisible, and perfect for beach days – or any day. I wear it every day to keep my skin healthy!

Polarized Sunglasses: Although my sunglasses are prescription, I love these polarized, non-prescription ones for the beach. They are anti-glare and they provide UV 400 protection for your eyes. They are flexible, too, making them a comfortable choice when you’re ready to relax.

Quick Dry Beach Towel: A compact and fast-drying towel is a must! This oversized Turkish beach towel is made of soft, lightweight cotton that is compact enough to toss into your beach bag with room to spare.

Waterproof Phone Pouch: I love this waterproof pouch to protect my phone from water and sand at the beach. It is made of triple layer TPU material for durability and it fits most phone sizes.

Portable Lockbox Safe: Not sure what to do with your phone and keys while you’re in the water? With a rust resistant lock, waterproof plastic shell, and spacious storage compartment, this portable lockbox is a great solution to keep your valuables safe.

Sand Remover: One thing I don’t love about the beach is the mess that it leaves in my car after a day of fun in the sun. This skin-friendly tool makes it easy to quickly clean up and leave the sand behind when you are ready to head home.

Beach, summer fun

We’re incredibly lucky to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right at our doorstep, so why not take advantage of it? With a beach bag packed, you’ll be ready to visit one of our local beaches to enjoy some much-needed time off. Here are some of my favorite spots:

Summer fun in Los Angeles

While preparing for a beach trip might not involve a lot of pre-planning, I know that it can be hard to find the time for organizing anything when you’re really busy. If you need some support to declutter your home and prepare for summer, get in touch with us online or call 310-904-9720. We can show you the most effective ways to organize your belongings, reduce stress, and free up your schedule for the things that matter to you. Here’s to making the most of your summer by getting organized, planning ahead, and making time for self-care!