#IBelieve we all need to slow down……

August 26, 2020

By now you’re probably getting the gist of what my blog is all about. #IBelieve. As I’ve said before, I Believe that things happen for a reason and just last month I was put to the test yet again…

Many of you might not know this, but I tripped unloading the car. I happened to break my arm, the humerous (which I can tell you is not very humorous) in 3 places. Fortunately, they are all fractures and it was my left arm. I’m a righty thank goodness!
I think when it first happened, I was in shock. I jumped up saying I was fine, but I wasn’t. It took just a few minutes for the shock to wear off, the sweating to start and my face to turn green. No joke I turned a horrible shade of green and white. I knew then something was wrong. I didn’t know how bad it might be, but I needed to get it checked out. My assistant took me to urgent care which I appreciated immensely especially since it was her first day. For sure not what either of us expected to be doing on her first day of work as a new organizer, but there was no way I could drive. I could barely breathe. Everything hurt, my ribs, my arm, my shoulder. After what seemed like a lifetime (especially during COVID) they took an x-ray and told me my arm was fractured. They gave me a sling and said call the orthopedic surgeon. So that’s what I did.

I was nervous, I wanted to Believe that it was only a fracture. It was, and I was lucky. You see, a couple of years ago when I fell and shattered my knee, I was not as lucky. That was a bad one. All of these things potentially negative ideas started going through my mind. This couldn’t be happening to me again, could it? I kept thinking what did I do to deserve this? I wondered what now, how I am going to move on from this? What am I going to do? What is my future going to look like?

After a short freak out (very short.) I stopped myself from going there. Instead I thought, wow, I‘m lucky. I have family and friends and work associates who truly care about me and always show up no matter how far.

I now realize that I was actually lucky then, and I’m lucky now. It could have been worse, way worse.

After a few weeks of reflection, I’ve come up with this….. I Believe that there is a reason for everything. I Believe maybe the universe was telling me I needed to slow down. Maybe I needed to trust in others more and delegate. Maybe I needed to have an alternate solution for making an income.

While that all sounds great, I’m not really sure about any of it. What I am sure of is that, I Believe in me. I Believe in my business. I Believe that I took and passed a virtual organizing certification class for a reason. I believe that I decided to hire employees for a reason. I Believe that slowing down is good for us all once in a while. I Believe that trusting in others and delegating is important and helps us grow and trust. I Believe that family no matter how close or far help us stay grounded. I Believe that friends find us for a reason, and I Believe that we all need a break – no pun intended – every once and awhile. In a world as uncertain as ours, I Believe I am lucky, and loved, and successful and my bones will heal.

I Believe.