Home office ideas that will inspire productivity

Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

January 12, 2024

When it comes to productive and comfortable workspaces, Desky is one of the best brands on the market! And when it comes to productivity in the workplace, LA Move Consultants are experts. So, it just makes sense that we recently partnered up with the team at Desky to share Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity. 

Andrea Krohn was asked to share tips for making the most of your home office:

“When looking to set up a home office, I suggest first and foremost taking time to truly understand the main purpose of the space.  Whether you will you be spending a lot of time in the space working from home, or using it as an area to pop into to pay bills, keep files and supplies etc, it’s best to have it function as efficiently as possible. Keeping the space free of clutter so as not to distract yourself or those watching you on a video call is imperative. Having your everyday or monthly “go-to” files close at hand is helpful to prevent yourself from having to get up which could lead to distraction and piles instead of putting items where they belong. Making the space personal to you also helps to create function. ”Andrea Krohn, CVOP™ President, NAPO-LA LA Move Consultants

For more of Andrea’s expert home office ideas that will inspire productivity, read the full article from Desky!