Properly setting up every room not only ensures an organized home, but an organized life.
Stop wasting time looking for things, let’s get organized!

I’m excited for you to have this book because as a Professional Move Manager, and Certified Virtual Professional Organizer™, I see clients every week who get super frustrated with their environments, disorganization, clutter and ‘stuff’. They usually don’t see what I see that is possible; I see how they or you can transform your space into a more beautiful, efficient and comfortable environment that you LOVE! I want this for you!

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Free eBook - 5 Key Tips on How to Organize Yourself Quickly!

Then if any of this sounds too overwhelming or you just decide that you don’t want to do all this yourself, please CLICK THE CONTACT PAGE BUTTON and let’s have a consultation! I can help you with either a few details of a project or a lot of details depending on your project, or your budget.

​And by the way, if you are planning on moving anytime soon, I’m a great person to talk with ahead of time to get you the right move plan!

Andrea Krohn
LA Move Consultants

Andrea Krohn