33 Organizing Tips to Maintain a Tidy Home, by Redfin

January 23, 2023


LA Move Consultants and Redfin, 33 Organizing Tips to Maintain a Tidy Home

I was excited to be featured Redfin Real Estate’s recent blog “33 Organizing Tips to Maintain a Tidy Home.” Author Jamie Forbes polled many professional organizers from across the country, and it was an honor to be included!

My biggest organizing tip? Develop simple organization routines.

From the article: “For example, give yourself credit for picking something up and putting it back where it belongs every day,” notes Andrea Krohn from LA Move Consultants. “This is a small but impactful step toward maintaining an organized space.”

33 Organizing Tips to Maintain a Tidy Home, by Redfin

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33 Organizating Tips to Maintain a Tidy Home, from Redfin. Featuring LA Move Consultants

Need more organization tips and tricks?

When it’s time to get organized, LA Move Consultants can help!

  • Need to REORGANIZE your kitchen?
  • OVERWHELMED by your closet?
  • Garage OVERFLOWING with junk?
  • Can’t FIND important papers?
  • Moving?


Our team serves the Los Angeles area (and offers virtual organizing services nationwide). We are experts in helping home owners get their spaces in order, including:

  • Closet – Bedroom, Linen, Bathroom
  • Kitchen – Pantry, Drawers, Cookbooks, Spices
  • Garage – Tools, Yard Supplies, Sports Equipment
  • Pantry – Food, Cleaning Supplies, Paper Goods
  • Wine Cellar – Organizing & Maintenance
  • Kids Rooms & Playrooms – Toys, Games, Books
  • Office Organization – Mail, Bills, Files, Desk
  • Baby Proofing – Outlets, Furniture, Wiring
  • Labeling Systems – Customized and Personalized
  • Space Planning – Floor Plans, Staging
  • Contracting Repairs – Professional Subs, Handimen
  • Storage Systems – Make the most of your space
  • Bookshelves & Libraries – Alphabetized, Categorized
  • And more!

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